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Songs/ Hörbeispiele

experiment Fearless Quartet

experiment fearless "heart on fire"
Heart on fire.mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 4.8 MB
experiment Fearless "Don´t stop the rocking"
Dont stop the rocking
Dont stop the ro....mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 4.2 MB
experiment Fearless "welcome to entertaiment"
welcome to entertainment.mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 4.2 MB

experiment Fearless unplugged Trio

Whitesnake "here i go again" unplugged Coversong
MP3 Audio Datei 11.4 MB
ZZ-Top "Gimme all your loving" unplugged Coversong
MP3 Audio Datei 11.8 MB
Guns n Roses "Sweet child o mine" unplugged Coversong
MP3 Audio Datei 14.3 MB
Kiss "I was made for loving you" unplugged Coversong
MP3 Audio Datei 14.2 MB
Phil Collins "In the air tonight" unplugged Coversong
MP3 Audio Datei 12.1 MB
Real Life "Send me an Angel" unplugged Coversong
Angel 2.mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 9.8 MB